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Increase in website traffic

Improved site design, user flow, and customer experience lead to a significant increase in unique users per month tripling web traffic.

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More leads gereated

Generated 10x more leads through successful social media paid campaign launch and management, resulting in a 200% increase in sales conversion.

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Affari's Foundation

Affari’s co-founder and managing partner, Drew Webb, learned first-hand back in 2006, the importance of digital storytelling when he launched Banding Together, an organization dedicated to providing health education and medical relief to the people of the Congo.

Over the next six years, Drew saw first-hand just how integral storytelling was. His team’s ability to deliver on their mission, hinged on whether or not they were able to tell a good story to U.S. donors and medical suppliers.

They were not alone. The more Drew looked around, the more he realized that nonprofits and small businesses weren’t getting the skilled storytelling they needed to make their visions come to life.

His subsequent transition to the agency world was founded on the idea that through providing quality design services at an affordable rate, he could actually help brands both big and small change the world.

Today, the Affari team includes some of the best, brightest, and most passionate storytellers in the industry. We have also grown and evolved over the years to support a diverse portfolio of clients that includes Patagonia, John Maxwell, Merrel, Microsoft, the Dyson Foundation, Sony Entertainment and Sony Pictures, the International Rescue Committee and Plan International.

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